Hospitality and “Cocktales” with Harley


My name is Harley Sheffield. I have been working in the service industry for thirteen years.

I began bartending on my 18th birthday. I had no prior training and I was terrified. I learned the basics from a veteran bartender and researched drink recipes online. After a few weeks, I was able to make specialty cocktails of the top of my head! I also participated in a RAMP certification course which taught me how to be responsible with my alcohol management. I began to craft new drinks, tailored to what I felt my regular customers would enjoy. I also began to understand people. The way they think, what they like and don’t like, and how to really read their emotions. I love helping people and making them feel good, even if it’s in a nontraditional way. I like giving them a safe place to let loose and have fun. I enjoy listening to their problems, giving them advice, and celebrating their triumphs. This job has taught me how to understand people, as well as how to run a successful hospitality business.


Hospitality is the friendly reception of guests and strangers. After over a decade in the business, I feel I provide and extremely hospitable establishment and enjoy each and every customer.

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