What is so Amazing About that Flipboard App?

Thanks to social media, we have news at our fingertips. There are many apps out there tailored to news. As a beginner blogger, I wanted to find the best news app to stay up to date with current trends in my field. I was using Apple News, but I wanted something that could give me control on what I want to read, search, and save. So, I took to the internet in search of a news app that had the features I was looking for.


Getting Started with Fiipboard

 After downloading and opening the app, you will land on a ‘Get Started’ screen. You will be prompted to make an account. You can make the account using an email or your Facebook or Twitter credentials. After doing so, you will be asked to pick a few categories of interest to start. Then, I suggest adding your supported social media accounts. Flipboard supports Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and many more.


Flipboard Features

 The Flipboard app offer some amazing features. The app is like Pinterest, but for news. You can tap categories and subcategories to be saved to your own Smart Magazine. The articles are clean and minimal, making them easy to read. The page’s flip by being tapped, simulating reading a magazine. You can heart articles, which will help tailor your future articles. There is a share option that allows you to share articles with other users. One of the best features is the ability to save the article for offline reading. Flipboard also uses a hashtag feature that allows for easy searches. Lastly, there are share buttons located at the bottom of the articles, making it easy to share to your favorite social media sites.


Downfalls of Flipboard

 I think Flipboard is one of the best news apps available. However, it took me a while to get used to moving through the interface. I found myself clicking things I didn’t mean to and having to work my way backwards. I also noticed that some of the articles do not have dates provided, making difficult to know if it is the most recent post on any certain topic.


Why Should You Use Flipboard

Flipboard is a great multifaceted news app for PR professionals. You have the ability to organize, like, and share articles in real time, on the go. This is a great source for finding new content and connecting with others who share the same interests.



If I had One “Wish” App

 I have been using Hootsuite for quite some time to schedule content. Every week I would fill up an Excel worksheet full of content to schedule for the following. This was very time consuming and quite confusing at times. I wish I could have an app that allowed me curate and schedule content all in one place, across all social media networks. In fact, if I could mash Later and Hootsuite together and ad and Excel worksheet, I would be living in a dream world. Later allows you to upload content to be used at any time and informs you how many times you have used the content. Pulling all of these features together would make for a great scheduling program to use.

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