3 Benefits to Using Patreon (as a Patron)

3 Benefits to Using Patreon (As a Patron) Webinar

Did you know that there are roughly 300 hours of video being uploaded to YouTube every minute? That is an incredible amount of content! Have you ever spent hours watching YouTube and wondered how you could help support your favorite content creators, besides watching their videos? Well, there is a website for that! My name is Harley Sheffield and I am a Public Relations graduate student at Full Sail University. I am a Patreon subscriber and would like to share my experiences and benefits to patronizing my favorite content creators!

Patreon is a unique platform that allows fans to patronize their favorite creators by allowing the user to offer a chosen amount of money to support the creator. The money is paid monthly or per video release, depending on what the user chooses. This is way to bring a “brick and mortar” idea to the web. During my Webinar, 3 Benefits to Using Patreon (as a Patron), you will learn how to set up your new account, how to search for your favorite creators, and the unique benefit offerings of patronizing. This 15 minute webinar will take place on Wednesday, January 17th at 6pm.

I look forward to sharing my Patreon knowledge with you! After this webinar, I am confident you will feel comfortable setting up your account, searching for creators, and enjoying the benefits provided specifically for you by your favorite creators. I encourage anyone with questions, concern or ideas to reach out to me by email at harleysheffield8@gmail.com or Tweet me! @harleysheffieldPR


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